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Hi Everyone

Sorry it has been pretty much forever since I wrote a blog entry but I have been a it busy here and there and haven't gotten round to managing the group.  I have as of today organised the deviation submissions into their correct folders so the featured folder isn't jam packed.  Thanks to everyone for their support and artwork to the group.

I realise that the group is to do with mental health so if anyone has any issues to do with mental health or just issues that affect them or people they know that you want us to adress and perhaps talk about or hold contests for etc then please drop me a note or comment on this journal so that I can set things up.  

Lastly if anyone wants to be another co-founder to help me manage the group better please let me know as I am not a mind reader as much as I wish I was.

Ok that's all from me guys and have a great evening...or morning depending where you live.

Listen guys I am operating on a new profile so I am as of now the role of Co-Founder and will manage the group from here ok.  

Btw this is :iconbleedinggumspteter:.  Thanks for watching :).
Look it appears that this message really isn't getting through so I'll say it again.!!!  

If you don't like this message by all means volunteer to sort out all the new deviations one by one to shut me up.
Look guys I'm not writing this to have a moan but when you submit a piece of work to the group can you please make sure you submit it to the right folder as it is me who has to go through all the submissions and place them in the correct folders.  If you could do this in future it would be a great help.  

I hope this message finds you all well and I look forward to hearing from you all in the near future.

Yours Faithfully

For those of you who do not know who Gok Wan is, he is a fashion consultant who was born and raised in the UK and he has made a new series named, Gok's Teens.  

The purpose of this series is to tackle issues sorrounding teenagers that involve food (anorexia) and body and self confidence.  Anywho I have just finished watching the first episode and am inspired by it being an eating disorder sufferer and all.  

So now on to the purpose of this blog entry.  If anyone has any advice to give concerning these issues then please note me and I will blog it here on Art Theraphy and my own journal as well.  I think that in this day and age we should do more to help teenagers and other young people through problems like this that are obviously affecting a large portion of the young population of the UK if not the World.  

Please please can you support me in this as I know that things like this must mean something to you otherwise you would not have joined this group.  

Thank you for reading and this and I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a good evening and a great week.

Yours Faithfully


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